Below you will find a list of our favorite Gentle Parenting related resources. Some are Christian specific, some are not.

Please note: while we do support the "tool-kit" approach, there are many different ways to parent and we all need different tools, we do NOT endorse any form of punitive discipline or corporal punishment (including spanking/hitting/swatting/slapping/flicking/etc.) OR any resources that suggest or support this. This page is also against any form of public "child shaming". 

L.R. Knost Little Hearts Gentle Parenting Resources
Gentle Parenting is about guiding instead of controlling, connecting instead of punishing, encouraging instead of demanding. It's about listening, understanding, responding, and communicating. Here you will find parenting tips, articles, and research to help parents, teachers, and caregivers develop a kinder, more peaceful, and instinctive approach to growing our most precious natural resource...our children!

Aha! Parenting
Dr. Laura Markham trained as a Clinical Psychologist, earning her PhD from Columbia University. But she's also a mom, so she translates proven science into the practical solutions you need for the family life you want. Dr. Laura is the author of the book Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting. 

Sarah Ockwell-Smith is a well known parenting expert and a highly regarded popular parenting author who specialises in the psychology and science of parenting, ‘gentle parenting’ and attachment theory.

Nurshable - Joy in Gentle Parenting
Great resource for all things "Gentle Parenting" as well as the “creator” of the Wait It Out Method of "sleep training"

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