Saturday, 27 February 2016

What Does The Bible Say About Spanking?

People are frequently surprised when they hear that Christian parents still physically punish and spank their children as a form of "loving discipline". Unfortunately, it is a common misconception among some Christians that in order to be a “good” and “Godly” parent and raise “good” and “Godly” children we MUST enforce our authority early and often. Sadly, many people believe this must be through punitive discipline and corporal punishment.
However, there are NO verses anywhere within the New Testament that support ANY form of spanking, slapping, flicking, or hitting of children. The Old Testament has 5 versus that have been interpreted to mean that God commands spanking and punitive discipline to “control” and “punish” children into submission. These versus have been interpreted to mean something completely different than they were originally intended to. Of course, this is my opinion as a Bible believing follower of Jesus Christ. The most important consideration when it comes to the spanking debate is, HITTING of a child goes against everything we know to be true about the love, grace, and forgiveness that was given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ.
Christian parents - I encourage you to take some time to read through the following resources, which help address any questions you might have about what the Bible ACTUALLY says in regards to spanking and corporal punishment. Ultimately, this is something you need to pray about, ask God for guidance on, and educate yourself on the physical and psychological ramifications of choosing this type of discipline for your child. Most importantly ask yourself, “What WOULD Jesus do?”
Here are a few resources to help you further understand why spanking is never the answer:

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